I am writing to let you know how pleased and surprised I am with the accuracy of your Game Finder. I am a writer for a Wisconsin, Michigan outdoor publication called "Wishigam Outdoors". I have seen many gimmicks and gadgets come and go, but the success I had on an Ontario bear hunt with the help of your product... I am quite convinced we could have spent countless hours searching with a good chance of never finding my trophy if not for your product. Thanks so much for a great, easy to use product that should be in every hunter's arsenal. - Ray Carviou



Please see the enclosed picture of the trophy I would have lost had I not had my Game Finder. I had shot this deer next to a marsh area that had very high reeds all around it. ... When I went to the reeds, I found a dozen or more trails going all directions and all of them had fresh tracks in them. I scanned the area with the Game Finder and 10 minutes later, I had my eyes on the best harvest that I ever had. Thanks! - Calvin Liles, Smyrna, DE



I would like to say thank you to Bonner Technologies for their production of MegaEars. I took this 19lb gobbler while wearing my MegaEars. I would not have been able to hear this bird slip in behind me without your product. I also tool this 214 lb. 8 point whitetail on a cold misty morning while wearing my Mega Ears. I heard him when he crossed through an old creek bottom. Without the aid of the Mega Ears, he would have passed by unnoticed. Again, thank you for making a great product that exceeded my expectations. - Larry (Allen) Franklin


Got a call the other night about a missing 12 year old boy. I utilized the Life Finder and Mega Ears. As I was scanning the area, I detected movement that was directly associated with the whistle blasts that I had blown. I also heard the movement and because of the directional attributes of the unit, I was able to line it up with the Life Finder. It turned out that the kid was there and working to evade me. The units allowed me a powerful combination to clear an area and do a confinement. It was this initial finding that motivated me throughout the search that the boy was still alive. - Mark, CPT, GPSAR

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