I am writing to let you know how pleased and surprised I am with the accuracy of your Game Finder. I am a writer for a Wisconsin, Michigan outdoor publication called "Wishigam Outdoors". I have seen many gimmicks and gadgets come and go, but the success I had on an Ontario bear hunt with the help of your product, should keep your company in business and its customers happy for years!

To keep this short, I will start at the second to last day of our Ontario bear hunt. My expectations were high as the bait was trashed when my guide and I arrived at my bow stand. I was hunting with Allen Ward of Oskondaga Outfitters and I could tell he was pleased and he gave me the thumbs up sign while rebaiting. I climbed to my twelve-foot perch and waited for the four-hour hunt to begin. Al finished the baiting, waved and disappeared. The time went quickly and I thought tonight once again would be unsuccessful, when the snap of a twig gave me renewed hope. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a large black bear going to the bait. Daylight fading, I knew I wold have to take the first good shot.

My prayers were answered when the big bear quartered away and stopped to look back. I came to full draw and sent the arrow on its way. The string tracker attached to the arrow fed out in what looked like a good hit. Suddenly the string tracker broke and the bear was swallowed up by the darkness of the coming night.

I called the guide on the two-way radio and explained the situation. Al was ready for the trailing job. With little blood and no string to follow after fiftly yards, he still seemed very confident. Reaching into his pack, he pulled out your BTG Game FInder.

He scanned the dense under brush like one would shine the beam of a flashlight. The red lights came on and went back off. He instructed us this was not our bear. It was a moving target, possibly a wolf, as again he would locate it and then it would disappear. Done playing for our benefit, Al went to work and cast the Game Finder in another direction. The red indicator lights came alive and stayed that way with every scan! Al said, "There's your bear" and we walked carefully up to the four hundred pound bruin that had expired under a windfall with a good double lung shot.

I am quite convinced we could have spent countless hours searching with a good chance of never finding my trophy if not for your product. Thanks so much for a great, easy to use product that should be in every hunter's arsenal.

- Ray Carviou


Please see the enclosed picture of the trophy I would have lost had I not had my Game Finder. I had shot this deer next to a marsh area that had very high reeds all around it. Early in the morning I heard this deer coming through the woods he stopped to rub a tree. I got a good shot at about 50 yards with buck shot and he jumped right into the reeds. I gave him a few minutes to lay down. When I went to the reeds, I found a dozen or more trails going all directions and all of them had fresh tracks in them. I went back to my stand and got my Game Finder. I scanned the area to find the best signal. 10 minutes later, I had my eyes on the best harvest that I ever had. Thanks!

Last year a friend of ours had shot a doe while archery hunting. They had looked and lost the blood trail. They called my son later that night to tell him they had lost a deer. My son took the Game Finder and went to the sight of the trail where the blood had stopped. He scanned the area to find a strong signal all around and thought the unit was not working correctly. So he walked in the area of the strongest signal and a small herd of deer ran off. He went back to the trail and scanned again and followed another trail. There he found the doe wounded, but not dead. They were able to recover and not lose this one and after eight hours and with the loss of the blood trail! Keep up the good work.

I also used it one night to find someone hiding behind the bushes outside my house. The dogs had been barking and I could not see anyone, but the Game Finder let me know that there was someone where they did not belong. Thanks!

- Calvin Liles, Smyrna, DE


I would like to say thank you to Bonner Technologies for their production of MegaEars. I took this 19 lb. gobbler while wearing my MegaEars. I would not have been able to hear this bird slip in behind me without your product. I also tool this 214 lb. 8 point whitetail on a cold misty morning while wearing my Mega Ears. I heard him when he crossed through an old creek bottom. Without the aid of the Mega Ears, he would have passed by unnoticed. Again, thank you for making a great product that exceeded my expectations.

- Larry (Allen) Franklin



Just wanted to share a story about your units. Got a call the other night about a missing 12 year old boy. I utilized the Life Finder and Mega Ears. The local authorities wanted us to come the next morning. I discussed some options and I got a police car to take me to the scene. I wanted to scout the area to give info to our mounted and canine units for the morning.

While I was there I utilized the Life Finder and Mega Ears. I lost my voice so calling for the child was out of the question. As I was scanning the area, I detected movement that was directly associated with the whistle blasts that I had blown. I also heard the movement and because of the directional attributes of the Mega Ears, I was able to line it up with the Life Finder.

It turned out that the kid was there and working to evade me. He eventually stopped the game the next day. The units allowed me a powerful combination to clear an area and do a confinement. It was this initial finding that motivated me throughout the search that the boy was still alive.

- Mark, CPT, GPSAR


My name is Vern Henne and I live and hunt in Central Illinois country!

Last year, I saw an ad for Mega-Ears, made by Bonner Technologies Group, which said, "If you have a hearing problem, let Mega-Ears help you with your hunt!"

Well, I am a welder at a concrete company in Salem and if you aren't about deaf after working there 26 years, you should be! I decided to try these Mega Ears and I'm really a skeptical person. I'm also an honest person and I can tell you this thing WORKS! Before Mega-Ears, the deer or turkey could be within shooting range before I knew they were there! Now, with my Mega-Ears, I can hear the forest wake up and the game coming my way before they get close! Mega-Ears makes being in the woods more enjoyable than ever!

Would I recommend Mega-Ears to other hunters? You bet!

- Vern Henne


Here is a picture of the 20lb Pennsylvania turkey gobbler I shot this past spring. It had an 11" beard and 1.25" spurs. I'm 73 years old and lost alot of my hearing. Your Mega-Ears sure did the job for me. "THANKS"

- Eugene "Pud" Craig, Chicora, PA